The industry has changed.
It's time for life of field services to change.

The oil and gas industry is under significant pressure to restructure its business model to reduce costs and to operate more efficiently.

At Acteon we want to lead this challenge in the Subsea Services arena. We introduced Acteon Field Life Service (FLS) to connect our skills, technology and service and provide a disruptive commercial and technical offering.

Through this disruptive offering, supported by deep domain knowledge in individual areas where we have a leading capability, we will seek partnerships with clients to focus on performance outcomes and challenge the historic technical and commercial models.

Welcome to constructive disruption. Welcome to Acteon FLS.

How we work

Acteon FLS brings new thinking across the entire life of field.  By focusing on project outcomes we work backwards from the desired end point to identify where and how we can improve efficiencies, both commercially and operationally, that will deliver time and cost saving.  Our unique combination of subsea specialists and partners enable us to recommend only what's needed, and deliver this through a single project management interface.

To find out more about what steps Acteon has taken to ensure slavery and human trafficking are not occurring in its business or supply chain, please click here.

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